what makes good just a little better:


good packaging

our packaging is 100% recyclable and our paper label can be removed for greater recyclability. that means our cottage cheese goes in your belly and the rest goes right where it should.


good planet

1% is a really big number.

each time you purchase a cup of good culture, 1% of that sale goes to a global network of non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting the environment.

1% for the planet has given $100 million so far, making sure that 1% really is a big number.

you can learn more about 1% here.

join us to support food transparency and sign the pledge today


good food

we like to hold ourselves to the idea that good products shouldn't do bad things. that's why we offer chemical, pesticide, hormone, and antibiotic free ingredients from sources that treat animals, and their land, in a way that assures a lasting positive impact.

that's just good business.

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